introducing the airthinx

Air Quality Management System (AQMS)The 360-degree approach that has become the standard in air quality monitoring & remediation

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Airthinx 360 Platform

Build Confidence

Airthinx AQMS builds confidence – clearly and transparently with employees, clients, and occupants of any indoor space.

Airthinx simplifies air quality monitoring and remediation by providing the tools to establish safer indoor spaces. Real-time monitoring allows the creation of healthy environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Metrics for safety and building performance, used as part of health & safety standards, minimize liability and risk exposure. Monitors and community displays show the community that the air they breathe is safe.

why airthinx AQMS

  • 1
    Health & Safety

    Create a safe and pleasant environment in any indoor space.

  • 2

    Gain brand recognition as a leader in providing verifiable healthy indoor spaces.

  • 3
    Regulatory Compliance

    Reduce liability and risk exposure, while complying with regulations.

  • 4
    Financial Benefit

    Energy and operational cost savings from optimizing HVAC and air purification systems.

Airthinx Shows Air Quality in Buildings Airthinx Shows Air Quality in Buildings Airthinx Shows Air Quality in Buildings Airthinx Shows Air Quality in Buildings

Risk Assessment & Risk Management

A real-time view of the devices and air quality conditions of indoor spaces. Easily identify where air quality problems may occur and remediate those problems if they arise. The scalability of Airthinx AQMS allows the solution to scale up as the company grows, guaranteeing cleaner, healthier air in any space.