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  • Air Quality Index

    Real-time air quality score is determined by the data acquired by the Airthinx IAQ device and advanced algorithms, providing users with a quick overview of the their indoor air quality score.

  • Pressure

    Differences in barometric pressure can increase the flow of infectious particles. Certain rooms within a healthcare building or industrial space should be positively or negatively pressurized with respect to surrounding areas.

  • Humidity

    Exposure to hazardous conditions resulting from building decay, water damage, poor plumbing, and legacy pollutants are exacerbated by high levels of humidity. Spikes in humidity may result in mold growth on any substance.

  • Temperature

    Optimal temperature conditions range between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything over can result in mental fatigue causing diminished reaction times and delayed information processing.

  • CO2

    As more people occupy a space, carbon dioxide levels spike, increasing the likelihood of sleepiness, distraction, lethargy and affecting productivity, concentration, and work performance.

  • VOC

    VOCs, volatile organic compounds, are cancer-causing chemicals released by cleaning agents.

  • CH2O

    Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring organic compound with the formula CH2O (H-CHO). The dangerous gas is commonly emitted by wooden painted surfaces, fabrics, carpets, adhesives & glues in furniture, and building materials like pressed wood & particle board.

  • Particulate Matter

    Dust, fungi, bacteria, pollen, & diesel exhaust are common examples of Particulate Matter. The smaller these particles are, the worse they are for your health, especially because they are invisible.

for Industrial Facilities

Commit to health and safety

Ensure compliance with OSHA regulations by monitoring air quality in real-time and seamlessly producing daily, weekly and monthly reports about 9 air quality parameters. From industrial hygienists and facilities managers, to EHS professionals, the ease of use makes the airthinx solution an industry standard.

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for Commercial Buildings

Future proof your infrastructure

The innovative cost-effective sensors monitor airborne pollutants in workspace environments where air quality stability is essential for occupational health, safety, productivity & wellness.

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for Residential

Keep your family safe

Monitor indoor air pollutants in your home affecting the most vital human organs like the lungs, heart and brain, causing heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmias, strokes, pulmonary disease, respiratory diseases & asthma.

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for Hospitality

Reimagine guest experiences

The world's most luxurious hotel spaces can now be the smartest too with Airthinx’s continuous Indoor Air Quality monitoring solution, bringing 5 star experiences and unparalleled health, wellness & comfort to every continent, in real-time.

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for Healthcare

Protect your hospital

Create the most sterile environment in operating, patient, & isolation rooms to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort for patients and staff.

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for Education

Set students up for success

Achieve academic & athletic excellence in every classroom, art studio, lunchroom & gym by monitoring key IAQ pollutants affecting student learning, memory, concentration, problem solving and health.

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for Aviation

Fly high with healthy air quality

Become the gold standard in the aviation industry by creating the safest and healthiest flight conditions, providing passengers, crew and pilots a sustainable way of flying.

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for Senior Living

Improve Quality of Life

Prevent the majority of lung disease by monitoring air quality in real-time and identifying pollutants that place more than 1.4 million US residents in Senior Living Facilities at risk for COPD, cardiovascular disease, stroke, Alzheimers, diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

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We have been indoor air quality consultants in the GTA for roughly 20 years. We provide indoor air quality and indoor environmental consulting to small business, large corporations as well as niche markets. Never have we seen an indoor air quality monitoring solution like the Airthinx.

Frank Haverkate, Bionic Healthy Workspace

This is a pretty amazing new product. I saw it first-hand several months ago, and knew that its monitoring capability, functionality and ease-of-implementation could really make it stand out in our Awards program.

Tim Hermes - Publisher of Business Sector Media

Real-time indoor air quality data provides value to customers, especially considering the potential health risks of waiting for a monitoring device to arrive or waiting for the results of a test.
This is a cost-effective solution.

Environmental Leader Committee

We appreciated the consistency of the data and being able to log-in remotely and receive alerts at our convenience, allowing us to become more productive. The longer-term indoor air quality survey also fostered a more comfortable worker environment. Employees feel safer knowing that the air quality is being monitored continuously in real-time, creating a positive cultural impact.

Rayna Brown - Industrial Hygienist, Midwestern electrical Utility

Ultimately, knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t live without an air quality sensor. Air quality testing is now an essential part of the smart home revolution. Without it, you quite literally don’t know what you’re breathing, and you don’t know what risks you’re subjecting yourself and your family to.

John Koetsier - Forbes

It’s relatively inexpensive instruments are installed within a business or home that gather data associated with air quality, all in real time. That information is then stored in the company’s cloud software, which it monitors for a monthly fee. At the appropriate times, managers or consumers are notified to shift their usage patterns. That not only cuts down on electricity bills and pollutant levels but it can also improve the performance of existing equipment.

Ken Silverstein - Forbes

The expected launch of the Airthinx PRO, which can monitor both the indoors as well as outdoor air quality, is well aligned with Smart City Goals of major developed and developing nations.

Frost & Sullivan

I love this technology. It’s about not only keeping your workspace comfortable, but also keeping it healthy and productive. Most people want to know the water they drink is safe. I also want to know that the air I breathe is safe.

Randy Smith, Director - Gilbane Building Company, Facility Management Services

Langan has partnered with Airthinx to leverage the use of the devices in corporate buildings to help create a healthier and more productive environment while creating significant cost savings from maintenance and energy optimization.

Gary Bacon - EHS Management and Compliance, Langan Engineering

The radiotherapists are very happy, and the hospital has not spent $50,000 on a new AC system to control the air quality conditions in the room.

Simon Witts - Principal, LCI Australia

As a consulting design engineer, I am aware that the best intentions and latest technology often fail when needed maintenance and constant monitoring are neglected. In that regard, the Airthinx is a significant development and improvement. It’s low cost, easy installation, ability to monitor multiple potential contaminants and ease of integration with BMS and specialized monitoring/alarm centers allows for an unprecedented number of devices to be installed, and the original design intent to be fully maintained, assuring high IAQ.

Valentine Lehr - CEO, Lehr Engineering

Powers IoT is happy to support and promote the Airthinx brand to all of our customers. Whether the customer is a home owner, property or office manager, the Airthinx smart IoT air quality monitor will help maintain a healthy indoor environment. As one of the top Elite Nest Pros in the country, the Airthinx/Nest integration provides added value to our customers. When air quality conditions drop, Airthinx sends a signal to the Nest thermostats to circulate the air, quickly improving the air quality. Thanks Airthinx for making such a great solution! We look forward to a continued partnership in the years to come.

Jason Powers - CEO, Powers IoT
Airthinx PRO

airthinx PRO

Coming Q3 2020 -

The professional's approach
to air quality monitoring

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airthinx IAQ

an instrument for professionals

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airthinx console

access your data anytime, anywhere

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airthinx app

IAQ data in your pocket

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  • Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitor airthinx IAQ
    Airthinx Cloud cloud
    Airthinx Web Console web console or app
  • Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    airthinx IAQ

    Airthinx IAQ utilizes smart sensor technology to continuously capture data processed locally and then pushed to the cloud via a secure & reliable connection.

    airthinx IAQ
  • Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitor Cloud


    The cloud is the mastermind of the whole operation. The hub enables monitoring of all the devices on the field and manages all the connections to applications and 3rd party solutions such as, SAP, Nest and more.

  • Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitor Console

    airthinx Console

    Providing tools for access to data for professionals and everyone else via the console or app.

    airthinx web Console


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