Airthinx OS platform

the only operating
system for air quality

AirthinxOS enables any device to become part of the most sophisticated air quality management system (AQMS). Using AI and machine learning found within AirthinxOS, our AQMS dynamically adapts to air quality changes and environmental triggers. OEMs that adapt to AirthinxOS have the ability to become part of the only standalone AQMS that ensures the most cost-optimized healthy environments

become part of airthinx AQMS

by converting any device to airthinxOS

Step 1 Your product and thiamis X inside

Any device can become part of Airthinx OS, by simply integrating a Thiamis X into the device. The Thiamis X allows for seamless integration with Airthinx AQMS.

Step 2 Airthinx OS integrated system

Take advantage of an ecosystem around air quality monitoring & remediation.

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