why airthinx?

Airthinx is an award-winning air quality data monitoring & management solution designed to improve occupant health and create safe & energy-efficient indoor spaces, everywhere in the world. Putting its Artificial Intelligence engine to work on optimizing the health of indoor spaces and utilizing cutting edge sensor technology, airthinx delivers continuous and accurate measurements, analyzes the data it is sensing, classifies events such as smoking and fires, provides useful information towards predicting maintenance (like developing mold), and equips users with real-time data to find new treatments for poor indoor air quality.

Utilizing the best sensor technologies available on the market combined with digital signal processing ensures continuous and accurate measurements at all time.
Designed with the internet of things in its core, the airthinx is an independent & self-sufficient connected system that utilizes 3G/4G, WiFi, bluetooth, & mesh to connect the device to the cloud, without the need for a local network… and it works directly out of the box in a plug & play fashion.
The scalable solution enables deployment directly out of the box, from the dozens to the thousands, offering a reliable and continuous reporting of air quality parameters, designed with the highest security standards to ensure integrity of the sensor readings and network security.
Using Artificial Intelligence & deep learning, the data analytics engine can identify and classify events such as fire, smoking and mold detection.
Airthinx is developed on a sophisticated internet of things platform by Netronix, inc. that enables not only a scalable, secure and reliable deployment of devices anywhere in the world, but also allows interoperability with 3rd party devices. And not only that...open APIs allow the solution to be integrated with bigger solutions or developers can create new applications.
  • 9 Sensors
  • Scalability
  • Connectivity
  • Accuracy
  • Tools
  • API
  • Security
  • Easy Mount

how does it work?

an award winning solution

  • Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitor airthinx IAQ
    Airthinx Cloud cloud
    Airthinx Web Console web console or app
  • Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    airthinx IAQ

    Airthinx IAQ utilizes smart sensor technology to continuously capture data processed locally and then pushed to the cloud via a secure & reliable connection.

    airthinx IAQ
  • Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitor Cloud


    The cloud is the mastermind of the whole operation. The hub enables monitoring of all the devices on the field and manages all the connections to applications and 3rd party solutions such as, SAP, Nest and more.

  • Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitor Console

    airthinx Console

    Providing tools for access to data for professionals and everyone else via the console or app.

    airthinx web Console

...and it works with others too!

all your data in one place

In a professional setting different systems have to operate within the same platform. Airthinx, is developed on Netronix's IoT platform, the most recognized platform in the environmental monitoring space. As a result, in airthinx Console you can easily view data not only from airthinx IAQ but also from other prominent professional instruments such as, TSI, Thermo Scientific, Quest and other.

airthinx works with any other sensors through thiamis
Airthinx IAQ Device

Airthinx IAQ



Netronix Thiamis 1000

Thiamis 1000

Airthinx works with DustTrak


Airthinx works with Partisol


Airthinx works with Gill

Gill Weather Station

Airthinx works with Dataram


Airthinx works with PDR-1500


Airthinx works with Questtemp


Airthinx works with Soundpro


air quality data = cost savings

The US EPA identified indoor pollutants as carcinogens that trigger asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases.

To meet the growing demand for a user friendly Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) data monitoring & management platform, airthinx delivers the first of its kind professional solution, financially feasible at room level, in any infrastructure.

In comparison to static monitoring, continuous monitoring enhances high temporal-spatial resolution and variability of air pollution. Powered by a leading IoT platform, airthinx, ensures scalability, reliability and security of the data and allows access to data anytime, anywhere.

  • Optimize Building Occupancy
  • Reduce Cost of Maintenance
  • Increase Revenue
  • Promote Health and Wellness
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Eliminate Expensive Penalties
  • Solve Problems Before they Scale
  • Optimize Performance
  • Improve Productivity and Decision Making
more key benefits


made for professionals by professionals

airthinx is also designed with the developer in mind, having inherited all of the tools from the netronix IoT platform including APIs and SDKs to create new applications & services.

iot api for developers